Planning and Zoning Board

Planning/ Zoning Clerk

Lawrence Moore

856-769-3737 ext. 7802

Zoning Officer 

James McCall 

856-769-3737 ext. 7806 

Planning/Zoning Regular Meetings Held on the 4th Wednesday of the Month at 7:00pm

The Joint Land Use Board is the municipal body that implements the Land Use ordinances of the Township and oversees the land use policies. The Joint Land Use Board’s duties include the review of applications for development of lands within the Township to ensure compliance with the law, zoning variances, appeals from determinations of the administrative officer, interpretations of ordinances, periodic review of the development plan for the Township and, when appropriate, recommending changes to the Township Zoning Map. 

 The zoning officer can advise if you need to apply to the board before you begin construction or open a business in the Township. The board secretary distributes applications, collects fees, sets the agenda and prepares meeting minutes.

Planning/Zoning Board Members


Class I Joseph Marino 12-31-2024

Class II James Farro 12-31-2024

Class III Robert Schenk 12-31-2024

Class IV Stephen Galati 12-31-2024

Class IV Melvin Robertson 12-31-2025

Class IV Kelly Kozink 12-31-2025

Class IV Ronald Ambruster 12-31-2026

Class IV Alexandra Sorbello 12-31-2027

Class IV David Mostoller 12-31-2027

Alternate No. 1 Donald McMahon 12-31-2025 

Alternate No. 2 Edward Hengy 12-31-2024 

Alternate No. 3 Trent Cole Jr. 12-31-2025

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Planning and Zoning Board

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Resident Information for Attending/Participating in Planning/Zoning Board Meetings

Welcome to the public meetings of the South Harrison Planning/Zoning Board. The Board is glad you are here and we can all benefit from your attendance and input. This bulletin outlines, in summary fashion, the procedures the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL) requires the Planning Board to follow. Only Planning Boards (not elected governing bodies such as a Township Committee) are charged by law with reviewing and determining non-residential site plans and subdivisions with non-use related variances known as “c” variances. You may obtain a copy of the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law, NJSA, 40:55D-1 et seq. and contact the New Jersey Planning Officials at or (908) 412-9592. Approvals or denials of applications may be legally challenged (for instance, in New Jersey Superior Court). Therefore, it is very important that the process laid out in the MLUL be closely followed. 


An agenda is available before all meetings. It is available in the Township Clerk’s Office at least 48 hours before the meeting. 

Public Question and Comment 

Each application is reviewed in accordance with the New Jersey MLUL procedures. In many ways, the procedures are similar to courtroom procedures. The chairperson conducts the meeting as a judge might and the Board is comparable to a jury that votes to make a final decision. Most Planning Board members are resident volunteers appointed by the Township Committee; all resident Class IV members serve in the public interest without compensation. The remaining members of the board consist of the Mayor, a second member of the governing body, and a municipal employee. Board members are required to complete a state-mandated training course, which is also available to the public. Each year, Board members file financial disclosure statements required by the New Jersey Ethics Law with the Municipal Clerk. 

The public may comment on applications before the board. The timing of such comment depends on the complexity of the application. In general, less complex applications have one public comment period. More complex applications have public question periods after each expert witness presents testimony, and a general public comment period after the completion of the presentation of the application. When asking a question regarding a specific witness’s testimony, the public may ask a question only about that expert’s testimony. The public may comment on any aspect of the application during the public comment period at the close of the application. 

Meeting Minutes 

Meeting minutes are posted after the Board approves them, usually at the following month’s meeting. 

Application Procedure 

When an application is announced by the chairperson, the applicant or his/her attorney comes forward. If the applicant is to provide testimony, he/she introduces him/herself, affirms that his/her testimony will be truthful (while being sworn under oath by the Planning Board Attorney) and then explains the nature of the application. If the applicant is represented by an attorney, the attorney presents the application and, where applicable, the order of the applicant’s expert witnesses. If there are expert witnesses, they will be sworn in before presenting their testimony. 

Following the testimony of each witness, the Board will ask questions and seek clarifications needed for an informed review of the application.  

The Board will motion to open the floor for public comment. At that time, please walk to the microphone and form a line in an orderly fashion. Please speak clearly into the microphone. All witnesses must state their names and addresses and spell their names before asking a question or making appropriate comments. The public is limited to five minutes per person to ensure adequate time for all speakers for all applications. 

Verbal statements from the public should be supportable and not hearsay. 

The applicant has the right to cross-examine any members of the public who speak. Written statements or letters from individuals who are not present, petitions, or speaking on anyone else’s behalf are not allowable according to New Jersey MLUL. Written statements from the public in favor of or opposing the application cannot be accepted as the Board cannot cross-examine written statements; however, a member of the public may provide the secretary with a written copy of his/her remarks after speaking. 

Only the chairperson may decide who speaks at a given time. Comments called out from the audience will not be considered part of the record. 

The chairperson has the right to close the public portion of a hearing if he/she feels that the audience is unruly or is making comments that are not relevant to the application. The chairperson also has the right to have any member of the audience removed from the hearing room for unruly display of meeting decorum. 

The meeting is recorded using an audio system. However, the applicant may also choose to hire a court reporting service at his or her personal expense. Minutes will be prepared and summarized by the Board’s secretary. 

When you follow the procedures discussed above, your input will have maximum impact on the Board’s deliberations. Please note that all applications are judged on their individual merits. The Board cannot predetermine the outcome of an application. 

The information and guidelines provided in this bulletin are subject to any changes in the municipal land use law and are subject to any procedures or deviations established by the land use boards to implement the municipal land use law in effect at the time. 

(These guidelines are for the purpose of assisting interested parties in understanding and participating in the municipal land use process. Each application is unique and deviations from this outline may necessarily occur. Such deviations should not be considered a basis for an argument in any appeals of a decision rendered by the Board.) 

Thank you for participating in the municipal land use process

Application Packages

Please see the various application packets below. 

Please contact the Planning/Zoning Board Secretary at (856) 769-3737 x7802 for information regarding the application fees and escrow fees associated with each application. 

All completed applications accompanied by two checks (one for application fee and one for escrow fee) shall be submitted to the Planning/Zoning Board Secretary in the Municipal Clerk’s Office. 

Bulk Variance Application

Final Major Subdivision Application

Informal Review Application

Minor Subdivision Application

Minor Subdivision with Bulk Variances Application

Minor Subdivision with Use Variance Application

Preliminary Major Subdivision Application

Site Plan Application

Use Variance Application

Master Plan

Please click the following link to access South Harrison’s Master Plan Documents (Click here)


Please follow the link below to our Documents Page to view copies of Planning/Zoning Board Agendas, Minutes and Resolutions. 

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Zoning Map

Zoning Map (Click here)

Tax Map (Click here)